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No. Model: 22900
Pics: 965
Relased: 03/2022
Type: R(-)
From the very beginning, the model was created without any technical or stylistic assumptions. Total freestyle, building was supposed to be pure fun. During the construction of the suspension, the design moved towards a buggy. The frog design that appeared while working on the body of the vehicle gave it the name - Mr. Frog. The green color was just a consequence. The end result was a heavy buggy for special tasks. The model is fully functional and was built in real life. Of course it was not as nice as in the visualization :P In practice, the vehicle handles light terrain. The front of the suspension is heavy and very low. At the front, only the Shock Absorber Hard Spring #731c04 will be practically usable. Mr. Frog Buggy has: swivel front wheels, rear axle drive, differential system, front and rear lights, light switch and is remotely controlled.

LEGO® Power Function elements used in this model:
#87513c01 9V Battery Box
#99498c01 Motor 9V Servo
#99499c01 Motor 9V L (2 pieces)
#58123c01 Receiver Unit
#64227c01 IR Speed Remote Control
#8870-1 Light (2 pieces)
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Buggy Mr.Frog
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