A bit of nostalgia :) Ported to Studio 2.0 LEGO® Maker Model 311-5 Remote Control Car Set. Model A and B with controller. The set was released by LEGO® in 1970. To be able to fully transfer the models from this set to the Studio program, I had to implement parts that are not in the database of the program. I created five elements in Part Designer program.

You can build the elements of the set from them:
#bb0019c01 Wheel Spoked 2x2 with Stud
#x881 Electric Car Base 6x20x1 with Motor Cutout and Cable Steering 4.5V

solidarity with UKRAINE
311-5 Remote Control Car Set
Custom Studio Parts
Complete project [Model A]
BrickLink Studio IO file
Complete project [Model B]
BrickLink Studio IO file
Parts project
BrickLink Part Designer PART file (ZIP file)