A compact chassis designed for a classic sports car from the 1920s and 1930s. When designing it, I had in mind such a class of cars as the Mercedes W196, Bugatti Type 35 or Alfa Romeo 158. The suspension was supposed to be fully functional. I tried to fit all the Power Functions elements so that they could fit inside the body of an old sports car. In the presented project, I assumed an odd number of studs of the width of the model. The suspension together with the batteries weighs about 600g.

LEGO® Power Function elements used in this chassis:
#59510c01 9V Battery Box
#99499c01 Motor 9V L
#58123c01 Receiver Unit
#58122c01 IR 9V Remote Control Unit

solidarity with UKRAINE
Retro Car Chassis No.4 RC
Complete project
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