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No. Model: 22660
Pics: 662
Relased: 07/2022
Type: R(--), Model Team
The Ford Model T is a true legend of the American automotive industry - it was a car driven by the United States, it was the first mass-produced car in history on the assembly line. The Ford Model T was also one of the most used vehicles during World War I. Ford then delivered 39,000 T models in various configurations. 20,700 of them are T models with long chassis, finished as ambulances. Ford delivered them to the US Army, the Red Cross and other foreign armies. Until the end of the war, the US Army received 5,340 Ford T Ambulance vehicles. The car had a 2.9 liter 4-cylinder engine and developed 22 HP at 1600 rpm. It reached speeds of around 40 mph (65 kph). The ambulance could carry three people on a stretcher or four people seated.

The appearance of the model is based mainly on old photos of the original vehicles. The markings on the model are taken from the original car in The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, located at Dayton, Ohio. I decided to use Sand Green color to build the body. It's still a rare color and some of the bricks used here don't appear in this color yet. To be able to build this model in real life today, you need to make color changes. The color of the wheels remains closed (probably forever). The color selection of part #35 is little. In my opinion, the white color of the wheels is acceptable in any body color. White wheels are often found in replicas of these cars, but I don't know if the wheels were originally painted in this color. The model is built on a scale of 1:18. I tried to faithfully reproduce all the details, including the chassis and the fuel system. In the medical cabin, the benches are foldable, so you can fit three stretchers inside - just like in the original. The model has two alternative elements at the rear - the option of a raised and lowered tarpaulin.
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Ford Model T
Ambulance 1917
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