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No. Model: 22250
Pics: 241
Relased: 10/2022
Type: R, Model Team
The Morgan company was founded in 1909. The 4/4 model is the first four-wheeled vehicle from Morgan. They were made by hand from 1936 almost unchanged. The only thing that changes over the years is the use of engines from various car manufacturers, such as Ford, Triumph, Rover. It is difficult to find two identical copies of these cars. In 2019, the production of this model was discontinued. It is a car that is a legend and an icon of the automotive industry.

My LEGO® model is made in 1:25 scale. I tried to use parts with high availability for the construction. There are only a few elements that are less common. These are #30161 Trans-Clear, #30155 Dark Bluish Gray, #132old Black Rubber, #4625 Black. I consider these parts necessary in the aesthetics of the model and see no alternative for them. The brick which the color of the model currently requires is #79491. It is currently only yellow color. An alternative might be to replace two #79491 and #3024 parts with one #26601 part. This significantly increases the color palette for bodybuilding.

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Morgan 4/4
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