No. Model: 19930
Pics: 1065
Relased: 03/2019
Type: R(-), Model Team
The Porsche 930, better known as the Porsche 911 Turbo, is a sports car that was produced from 1974 to 1989 based on the Porsche 911. At its introduction, the vehicle was the fastest mass-produced sports car in Germany. The 930 was the first production sports car in which Porsche built a turbocharger. He was the top model of Porsche, which was initially offered only as a coupe, from 1987 in the body versions Targa and Cabriolet. The Porsche 930 was the model on which the Porsche 934 and 935 racing models were based, and were successfully used in groups 4 and 5 of the sports car world championship.

As in reality, my Porsche 930 built from LEGO® was the base for building the sports version 934/5. The color constraint is mainly related to the availability of the colors of parts #6060#41750, #41749 and #13547. Currently, this model can be built in 6 colors: White, Black, Red, Dark Red, Yellow and Dark Blue. The model is made in 1:18 scale.
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Porsche 930
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