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No. Model: 18410
Pics: 301
Relased: 2018
Type: V, Model Team
Grand tourer (GT) sports car with high performance, prepared for long distance rides. GT is a car produced with greater precision, care for performance and durability. The GT car class is associated primarily with the sporty two-door coupe of such brands as: Ford, Astin Martin, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborgini, Lotus, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota and more. This model is a small tribute to this class of cars. Of course, the color refers to the Ford GT40 which is (in my opinion) the undisputed, stylistic king of this class.

To build this model in this form you have to wait until LEGO release a brick #18973 in color Dark Azur…
LXF file - not available yet
Lego Digital Designer project
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List of parts
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GT Tribute