No. Model: 18100
Pics: 650
Relased: 2018
National Independence Day is a national day in Poland celebrated on 11 November to commemorate the anniversary of the restoration of Poland's sovereignty as the Second Polish Republic in 1918. Following the partitions in the late 18th century, Poland ceased to exist for 123 years until the end of World War I, when the destruction of the neighbouring powers allowed the country to reemerge. November 11, 2018 is the 100th anniversary of this event. On this occasion, I built the coat of arms of Poland with a majestic white eagle on a red background. White means purity and immaculate, Red means fire, blood, courage and bravery. All these qualities are characteristic of the Polish Nation.

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11 November
National Independence Day in Poland
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Coat of arms of Poland
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1918 - 2018