No. Model: 18100
Pics: 1122
Relased: 12/2018
Type: R, Model Team
Porsche 934/5 - the legend of motor racing. Using the 930 Turbo as a basis, Porsche built in the 1977 the model 934/5 for Group 4 GT racing. It replaced the outgoing Carrera RSR while winning GT Championships in Europe and performing very well in America for Trans Am. Porsche built the 934/5 from a standard 930 bodyshell but almost nothing else was left alone. The suspension was converted to solid mounts and nylon bushings with adjustable anti-roll bars. Brakes from the Porsche 917 were fitted along with stronger hubs and BBS center-lock wheels which at 16 inches, were larger than the outgoing the RSR and required more drastic wheel arches. Inside the was stripped and included an aluminum roll-cage as well as new gauges for fuel and turbo boost levels. A 140 liter fuel tank filled the front trunk along with a oil tank and battery. The oil tank fed a front mounted oil cooler which was fed from a huge cut-out in the spoiler. Beside these were ducts that led to the rear intercoolers.

My LEGO® model is in Brumos Racing colors. The model is completed with stickers with the number [59] on the door and front hood and the inscription [Porsche] on the strip between the rear lights. Stickers are not visible on renderings. I tried to keep all the elements of the model that characterize the difference between the 930 and 934/5 models. The engine of the model is connected to the transmission with the rear axle and the movement of the wheels is transferred to the flywheel in the engine. The model is made in 1:18 scale.
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Porsche 934/5 Brumos Racing

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